Main Street Electrical Parade at Magic Kingdom


One of my all time favorite Disney parades is the Main Street Electrical Parade (Disney has dropped the “Main Street” but I still call it that). I remember when it began at Disneyland. I loved watching it. It was always so much fun. And now that it is at Disney World, it brings back great memories every time I get to see it. I recommend to all families to see this parade. Children just marvel at the bring lights and the characters. Everyone loves the music, which you can’t get out of your head (ever!). And it puts you in a really happy mood, I promise!

I took lots of pictures so I could share them with you. They aren’t the best as they come out better without a flash but the exposure can be so long, there can be some blur. But I just wanted to share some fun pictures with you, as well as tips for viewing.

Tips For Viewing the Parade:

  1. The parade starts on Main Street and moves through Liberty Square and Frontierland past Splash Mountain, where it ends and disappears. Any spots along this path are good.
  2. Keep in mind that if the parade starts at 9:00 pm and you are at the end of the parade route (by Splash Mountain), it won’t reach you until 9:30 pm. So you can line up later toward the end of the route if needed.
  3. If the parade and fireworks are your end of the day, stay on Main Street and near the hub (center circle toward castle). This will allow for an easier exit with the mass crowds. The exit after fireworks is very crowded and difficult, so being closer to park gates it best.
  4. Line up for your spot about an hour in advance (for busy times like summer) or 30-45 minutes in advance for less crowded times.
  5. Bring glow sticks and necklaces for the kids from home and save on the pricey glow toys from Disney.
  6. Bring a blanket to sit on and save your space.
  7. All lights on the streets and buildings will turn off for the parade, which is very dark, so warn small kids in case they are afraid of the dark.

Tips for NOT Viewing The Parade:

  1. If you aren’t watching the parade and want to skip it, avoid Frontierland and Liberty Square as there are no breaks in the parade to cross and you could get stuck.
  2. Great parts of the park to visit during the parade are Tomorrowland and Adventureland, but you can’t do both as you won’t be able to cross the park at the hub during the parade.
  3. During the parade, lines for attractions are very low so it is great time to get on your favorite ride (unless it is Big Thunder or Splash Mountain, because the parade will block you leaving that area)

And now I would love to share my pictures! Enjoy!

Tinkerbell flies in on her hot air balloon!

Tinkerbell flies in on her hot air balloon!Turtle

Some Goofy fun!

Some Goofy fun!

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland



Pete's Dragon - one of our favorites!

Pete’s Dragon – one of our favorites!

Peter Pan and Hook...I love the way the little boy is amazed by this sight.

Peter Pan and Hook…I love the way the little boy is amazed by this sight.


The Royal Ball

The Royal Ball

Cinderella's coach

Cinderella’s coach

A little wave from Cinderella

A little wave from Cinderella

And the final tribute to America!

And the final tribute to America!

Epcot at Night

At Walt Disney World, my favorite spot in the evenings is Epcot, and more specifically the World Showcase. The low lights and the beautiful architecture make this part of Epcot lovely to stroll through and enjoy the atmosphere. I’ve collected some of my favorite pictures here for you to just simply enjoy. And I highly recommend evening strolls through the World Showcase!


View from Japan to Spaceship Earth


Japan Pavilion


Japan Pavilion with dining and shops


Morocco pavilion


United Kingdom pavilion with shops


Mexico pavilion


Les Chefs de France in the France pavilion


Archway at China pavilion


One of my favorite pictures at the China pavilion


China pavilion with dining and shops

My favorite picture of Canada pavilion

My favorite picture of Canada pavilion

View of Spaceship Earth

View of Spaceship Earth

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures of Epcot at night. What is your favorite pavilion in the evening? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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