Mickey’s Magical Arts World by Disney’s Imagicademy


Disney’s Imagicademy just introduced their newest app for kids ages 3-8 – Mickey’s Magical Arts World. This highly interactive new app focuses on children’s artistic creativity and curiosity combined with their favorite Mickey and pals characters. We first shared with you their first app release, Mickey’s Magical Math World, which was a huge hit at our house. This newest app has been a favorite as well with our preschooler.

The app is free to download for iPad through Apple’s App Store. It is best to use Magical Arts World on an iPad since there is a lot of drawing and creating in each section. There are 5 areas of discovery in the app: Drawing, Costume & Movies, Materials, Design and Music.


My preschooler loves Pluto’s Craft Creator, where he gets to design a toy. There are endless possibilities and opportunities for creativity. The unusual materials and designs inspire his creativity. And they can make changes and redesign as much as they would like. There are paint splatters, weird materials and textures, stamping and on and on.


Minnie’s Art-chitect Design offers children a chance to design different kinds of buildings from apartment buildings to castles. Children can change the color, windows, accents, and yards. It explores symmetry, harmony and balance, and as kids add different elements, others have to be subtracted. There is a wide range of choices in colors, hues and options. It is endless creating and fun!


Mickey’s Music Maker section has different types of instruments, some real and some pretend. Children can put together a band playing a song of their choice as it marches along. Music choices are from a wide range of genres and styles. And they can mix up the instruments anyway they like and change the tempo. They get a chance to hear what changing different instruments does to the song. And when they have four put together, they can then choose the instruments to play themselves.


In Donald’s Costume & Movies, they design a character’s hair and clothes outfit, and then when they are done, they can put their character into the film they chose. Children get to also add their own voices and sound effects to the movie.  This part is so much fun to see what you create be added into real Mickey and friends films. My preschooler does this one over and over for different movies.


My favorite part to do with my kiddo is the Mickey’s Sketch Artist section. There are templates for the kids to choose, and then it walks them through how to draw the picture. They can choose any drawing tool they would like: pencil, paintbrush, spray can, marker. He loves all the different options and how each one makes different shape and texture on the screen. Then they choose from the color, and draw to follow the guides. When the drawing is done, it is animated for them! I love this one!



Mickey’s Magical Arts World as well as Mickey’s Magical Math World link to the parent app Disney’s Imagicademy. You can stay connected with what your kids are doing and pins earned on their apps through this adult app. It also offers parents great resources and articles. One aspect that I have enjoyed is the art projects they have for kids that can link back to the art app. Their art projects are really creative and easy to do – things all parents could do with their kids at home. We also enjoy the articles about Disney.


There are lots of creative ideas on the app! I love this Perler Bead project that makes sandwich pieces for kids to put a sandwich together!

If you would like to look at more of Disney’s Imagicademy, visit their website.


I love how Disney Imagicademy links all these interactive elements together and combines learning experiences through beloved Disney characters to engage young kids and inspire them. Their curriculum is developed by leading education and academic experts. Soon they will be launching books and physical education products that will be available for back-to-school in 2015. This is a great new addition to the Disney family!

Our 4-year old loves this new art app and we love watching his creativity! He doesn’t want to stop exploring all the different sections.

Mickey’s Magical Arts World is available now through the Apple app store. While this is a free app to download, there are in-app purchases to unlock all the features. Each section can be fully unlocked for $4.99, or you can purchase the full pack for $19.99. While the full pack is a high price for an app, I will say that it has a lot of features and games for your child. It also requires  a lot of storage space so keep that in mind as well.

Click on the link below to download the app for yourself. You can also download the Disney Imagicademy Parent app which I highly recommend to get as well.

Mickey’s Magical Arts World
Disney’s Imagicademy Parents

Keep watching for more from Disney’s Imagicademy as they offer new apps and products that focus on children’s early learning and development through math, art, science, reading, and social skills. And all with their favorite Disney friends!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Mickey’s Magical Math World and Disney’s Imagicademy


Disney recently launched a new learning brand for parents and kids ages 3-8 called Disney’s Imagicademy. The app is Mickey’s Magical Math World and it is a wonderful new math game for preschoolers. My preschooler has been playing this game for two weeks and he loves it, truly. Mickey is his favorite and he loves interacting with characters and playing the games. The app has within it five different games that focus on a specific math topic for preschoolers.


The premise (and the video at the beginning explains this) is that Mickey and his friends are traveling into outer space to help a space station that is having problems. So all the games have rockets or aliens or planets as part of their theme. It is a fun, space themed magical world! Mickey runs the rocket depot that designs and fixes rockets. My preschooler loves building rockets here – the ideas are endless.


Some of the games involve shapes and counting. The games are very interactive for preschoolers, where they can touch and move almost anything. While as an adult, this was hard to understand, a preschooler thinks it is awesome getting to explore just about everything. And each game builds on concepts learned in other games so they are interconnected. This game in Mickey’s Shapes requires the child to use the wrench to turn the bolts until they are tight.


Minnie’s game is Count Along and is set at a robot playground where everything can be played with and moved, and games require counting. Children can create and play with lots of robots.


My preschooler says that Goofy’s Sorting is his favorite. The sorting actually increases in difficulty as the children progress. It isn’t just shapes but colors and symbols, as you can see below. When it is sorted correctly, the alien’s rocket pack will go off and they fly away. So cute!


Donald’s game is adding and subtracting, and you have to launch the alien to wake up a sleeping Donald. It takes some problem solving skills as well. My favorite game is Daisy’s Problem Solving where you have to move the sleepy alien through the maze and collect “trash” in order to count by tens and put the alien to bed. It changes every time and requires kids to figure out how to collect all the sheep and trash. While it sound strange, it is actually lots of fun and a great brain game for kids.


Along with Mickey’s Magical Math World, you can download the parent app Disney’s Imagicademy that has loads of great parent tools in it including games to play with kids, printables, crafts, and lots of fun ideas. It is great resource to spark some creativity for parents – what should we do today? What would kids like to know? I like how the feed changes with new ideas and themes each time. The one thing I have liked is the games you can play with your kids, at home or on the go. Some of the ideas would be great for waiting in line at a Disney Park! It also connects you with a community of parents and families that support and encourage children’s creativity and curiosity.




You can link it to Mickey’s Magical Math World and it will show you what you child it doing during the game including the levels they unlock and robots they build. Then you can give them a virtual high five that opens on the game when they play.

ChildUpdateScreen1 ChildUpdateScreen2

As a review of Mickey’s Magical Math World, I would say that the games are educational for preschoolers and the graphics are well done for an app. It holds my preschooler’s interest for a long time and he loves playing with it.

Both apps are free to download (see links below to download), but in order to unlock a lot of additional options in each game, you will have to make a purchase. They are upfront that there are in-game purchase options. My preschooler started playing the free app and pretty soon was asking for the unlocked items. Each game can be upgraded for $4.99. Or you can download the entire math pack for $19.99.

I do think it is a little pricey for an app. But I will say that the app has much more depth in content that most children’s apps. It is highly educational and I do think it has great value. It is priced a bit high. It also does use quite a bit of memory on an iPad as well as taking a bit of time for the games to load if you move from one to another. Once it is loaded, it runs very smoothly.

Mickey’s Magical Math World is only compatible with iPad (2nd generation or higher). Disney’s Imagicademy is compatible with both iPad and iPhone.

If you have a preschooler looking for some new fun this holiday break, try out the new Mickey’s Magical Math World app – link to the apps below.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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