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My first DIY Disney post on making your own autograph books was such a big hit, I wanted to do another post with my most recent creations. We are gearing up for our next Disney World trip, and I wanted to make autograph books again. My first books were so much more functional and personal than the ones you can buy at the parks, and I’ve bought plenty of those so I can compare. This time, I let each of my kids choose what theme/character they would like their book designed around. Here are the front and back covers for each of them.


Mickey Mouse & Pluto covers

Buzz Lightyear theme covers

Buzz Lightyear theme covers

Ariel theme covers

Wreck it Ralph & Vanellope theme covers

Wreck it Ralph & Vanellope theme covers

Inside the front cover, I added something different this year. I took a picture of each child in their Mickey ears and then I asked them a few questions:

1. What is your favorite character?
2. What is your favorite ride?
3. What is your favorite park?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. What are you most looking forward to on this trip?

I put their answers next to their picture, as something they can look back on years from now.


As you can see, I have the covers laminated at an office supply store. At home, I trim them down with space around each edge, but the left edge is the closest to the paper. For the inside pages, I bought OfficeMax 5″x8″ blank index cards.


I print on the corners of the pages little images to go with each theme. Here is what I did for these books:


On the backs on these cards, I print “PHOTO” to make sure I save a spot for the picture with that character.


Once I have them put together, and this trip I put 50 cards in each book, I take them back to OfficeMax and have them spiral bind them. The spiral bind makes them so easy to open at the parks. Here are the final books!




If you would like the file to make the inside pages yourself, I have included the file for you to use. Hope this inspires you to DIY Disney for your next trip!


If you would like to see my original post on making your own autograph books, here is the link. Also, here is the digital file for those inside cards as well.


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  1. Your books are fantastic and seem pretty easy to do for e beginner “crafter” like me! I was just wondering what you used to make the covers. The backgrounds on them are super cute. And thanks for the downloads for the inside pages 🙂

    • Thank you! These books are pretty easy and very functional at the parks. For the covers, I used a cardstock and then decorative papers and stickers. You don’t want it too thick because of the laminating. Hope you enjoy the downloads!

  2. i love this idea. just a suggestion, on the side where you place PHOTO you can also print a few questions to ask/act out with each character. or even on a post-it or something, and write out answers or script that happened during the experience…

    • It would be fun to write a memory from the meet and greet, so when you look back at the book, you would remember. My kids get pretty shy when they meet the characters – haven’t had much luck getting them to talk very much! But it would be helpful to think of some questions beforehand!

  3. Awesome idea, thank you! I do have probably some dumb questions – but do you put a picture or anything of each character on the other side of the card so they have a place to sign? could you possibly show some pictures of the insides of these books? And do you laminate after you get back?


    • Lizzie –
      I do put the picture with those characters opposite the autograph once we get home. Before the picture is there, it says really big PHOTO so that the character doesn’t sign that page. On my first post about autograph books, I show the inside pages with the finished pictures. Here is a link:
      I am going to post our latest books we just took to Disney World and I will include pictures of the finished pages. Glad you like them! We love them so much – they work so well at the parks!

  4. Hi, I love these autograph books! I made some for my two girls last year! Now, I am making some for my three nephews! I was wondering where you got the Buzz Lightyear stuff. One of the boys wants Buzz, and I am having a hard time finding paper for the cover.

    • I believe I found the Buzz paper at Archivers but the store near us has closed. The only stores near us with paper are Joann and Michaels but it isn’t the best. If you have a scrapbooking store near you, that is where I would go. Otherwise, it is hard to find the license papers.

  5. How much did you have to pay for the binding on each book?

  6. Rachael Ronaldo says:


    These books are so cute! I am just looking for suggestions on the best way to put the pictures in the book. Glue?

    • I have used double sided tape and also photo corners from the craft store. The photo corners worked nice because they are in a roll and they come out in small squares – you simple put one on each corner and then peel the wax paper. You could use a glue stick though…I like less mess myself!

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