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Part 2: These Feet Were Made For Walking

Part two of our Disney Travel Planning for Families series is all about getting the family walking! When you are planning a Disney trip, keep in mind that your little ones will be walking and standing a lot during your days at the park. While Disneyland is considerable smaller in size, Disney World is very large and it takes a lot of walking to get around. Even if you will have strollers, its a good idea to plan for the kids to be walking quite a bit. Even our last trip to Disneyland, our older kids were given a chance to walk quite a bit and they did great.

First things first, we went through everyone’s sneakers last week. I have learned over the years that it is a good idea to spend a little more money on sneakers that will last. Kids are tough on shoes, so you want ones that will go the distance! I also dread shoe shopping with my crew of four. In our house, we enjoy buying our shoes from Zappos.com. We measure the kids feet ourselves and order from the comfort of our home. Zappos provides free shipping both ways, so that means if it doesn’t fit, you can ship it back for free. Yep, free. And their free shipping arrives in lightning speed. I am always excited to see the Zappos box on my porch!


If in doubt, we order several styles and sizes of shoes for the kids to try and then return what doesn’t work. This time around we ordered our sneakers for Disney World as well as fun shoes for the summer. That’s a lot of shoes!


The brands our family has found hold up very well and fit our kid’s feet great are New Balance, Nike and Asics. They have held up a whole school year which is awesome considering the abuse they receive on the playground. The brands we have had the worst experiences with are StrideRite, Skechers and Saucony. These brands just didn’t hold up for our kid’s feet, but they may do fine for your kid’s feet. Here are the shoes we ended up picking for our kiddos this time – I think bright colors are in style right now!

Girls Sneakers - New Balance

Girls Sneakers – New Balance

Boys Sneakers - New Balance

Boys Sneakers – New Balance

Girls Sneakers-Asics

Girls Sneakers-Asics

Toddler Boys Sneakers-New Balance

Toddler Boys Sneakers-New Balance

It is about a month until our trip, so the kids have time to work these shoes in a bit so they are ready for walking the parks!

Speaking of walking, now that we have our shoes, we have to get those little legs ready to walk a lot! We have started a walking program where we take family walks throughout the week and chart how many miles we can do each week until we leave. While our younger two will be strolling quite a bit, my 7 and 9 year old will get to walk much of the time. About 4-6 weeks out from your trip is a great time to start walking with them and having them work up to longer distances. It will help so much when you are at Disney.

Here is a chart we are using to keep track of the miles the kids complete. You could do a sticker for each 1/2 mile or mile completed in a week. We are also setting goals for each week so we will increase how far we walk.


So get those kiddos in “Disney Training” to get ready for your Disney trip! Remember, their little feet were meant for walking (and sometimes running)!

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed were my own and I received no compensation from Zappos or the shoe brands mentioned to write this post. We simply enjoy their service and shoes.

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