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Part 2: Epcot

Of all the parks, Epcot probably offers the most “mixed bag” of characters and most of those character greets are in the World Showcase, although don’t be surprised to see a random character at the entrance of the park. Here are some tips for doing character greets at Epcot:

1. The character greets in the World Showcase are the least crowded right when it opens at 11:00am. Epcot posts specific times for their characters because they take 15 minute breaks. Unlike other parks, they post those times on signs near the character greet area. Lines tend to go down during a break so if you are willing to wait, you could be in a shorter line.

2. To avoid crowds, send one parent in line while you and the kids are waiting for another character to limit your child’s wait time. This is easiest to do in the World Showcase since Meet and Greets are spread out throughout the countries.

3. Most characters are in traditional costumes and are popular pictures to get if you can. For example, Goofy is dressed in jungle gear at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood type clothes at Hollywood Studios, but not at Epcot. He is dressed in his usual “goofy” outfit.

Here are some pictures from the meet and greets as well as a list of where to find your favorite characters. As said before, limit how many character you try to see in one day otherwise you may burn your kids out. I speak from experience!

Goofy at his Meet & Greet near the park entrance. My family are big Goofy fans, can you tell?

Goofy at his Meet & Greet near the park entrance. My extended family are big Goofy fans, can you tell?

Belle takes pictures by the water in her lovely blue dress, and this is the only greet in this outfit.

Belle takes pictures by the water at the France pavilion in her lovely blue dress, and this is her only greet in this outfit.

Jasmine and Aladdin have a greet area inside the Morocco pavilion. The only other place to meet them is Magic Kingdom.

Mulan does greets either inside or outside at the China pavilion.

Mulan does greets either inside or outside at the China pavilion.

There is an official Character Spot by Innoventions, just about at the center of Future World. It is usually rather crowded and has long lines so we have always skipped it. I would advise skipping it as well if the wait is more than 20 minutes. Many of the characters you can see at other parks must faster. The other meet and greets that have great backdrops and could be worth the wait are Alice, Aurora and Snow White.

Main Entrance/Legacy Plaza: Goofy
Innoventions West Character Greet Area: Chip and Dale
Character Spot: Mickey, Minnie, Pluto
Showcase Plaza: Duffy the Disney Bear
United Kingdom: Winnie the Pooh & Tigger, Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins
France: Princess Aurora (gazebo area), Belle (in blue dress)
Morrocco: Aladdin & Jasmine
Germany: Snow White
China: Mulan

As you can see, there is a shorter list of characters to see at Epcot than Magic Kingdom. When Epcot first opened, there were no characters at all at the park, and slowly Disney has changed that policy. All these characters can be found at other parks as well, except Duffy the Disney Bear. The only other unique meet and greet is Belle in her blue dress. All other greets with her, she is in her yellow dress.

Don’t forget to have your autograph books ready when you meet your favorite character! Read our post on how we make our own autograph books for all our Disney trips.

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