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If you are planning a trip to one of the Disney parks for Halloween, or you have already booked a visit during Halloween time, there is so much fun stuff to see and do at the parks! We have a quick rundown of what is at either park as well as the dates and pricing for the Halloween Parties.

Disneyland & Mickey’s Halloween Party


Disneyland is so much fun at Halloween time! The entire park is decorated with pumpkins and fall scenes, that is a blast to visit during September and October. Disneyland also hosts Mickey’s Halloween Party which is a special event on select nights in Disneyland. This event does require additional tickets to attend and Disneyland closes early on those select dates to accommodate only event ticket holders to attend. Here is what is included in the special event ticket:

  • Trick of treating stations throughout the park
  • Select rides open just for guests
  • Halloween Fireworks show
  • Special character greets throughout the park
  • NEW! Headless Horseman rides down Main Street
  • Villains at special meet & greets
  • Cadaver Dans out performing
  • Guests can attend in costumes! (guidelines on costumes on the Disney site)

Below are the calendar dates for September and October, as well as color coding for different pricing. On Mondays and Wednesdays, the party hours are 6:00-11:00 PM and Fridays and Saturdays the party hours are 7:00 PM-midnight. Ticketed guests can arrive into Disneyland 3 hours before the start of the party, and we recommend you do that for sure! Disneyland will also offer a special Blue Bayou Halloween Dinner with a 3-course meal. This is an additional expense as well, but it is only available for guests who purchase tickets for the Halloween Party. Not all food locations stay open for the party so it is best to either make dinner plans before you enter or eat inside the park before locations close. They do offer fantastic snacks and treats only for the party and all food is Halloween themed!


Walt Disney World & Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party


Walt Disney World offers a fabulous Halloween Time at the Magic Kingdom, and a much bigger party than Disneyland. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party is a special event and requires an additional ticket to attend. Magic Kingdom will close early on party dates for regular guests and guests with party tickets can enter the park 3 hours before the official start of the party. Every party runs from 7:00 PM until midnight. Here is what is included in the special event ticket:

  • Trick or Treating stations throughout the park
  • Select rides open just for ticketed guests
  • Special Character meet & greets and photo ops (like our ghost photo above!)
  • Happy HalloWishes Fireworks with a villain theme
  • Boo to You Halloween Parade
  • Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular show
  • Special Halloween dining at Be Our Guest, Cinderella’s Royal Table, and Crystal Palace (reservations required)

Additionally, there is a Happy HalloWishes Dessert Package that you can purchase tickets that has a special viewing of the fireworks on Main Street along with a buffet of delicious desserts. The price is $79 for adults and $47 for children. Reservations are required and prices are in addition to special event tickets. Guests can also arrive in costumes but they must follow Disney’s guidelines on costumes.

Below are the dates of all the Halloween parties and the different pricing has been color coded. Children must be ages 3-9.


If you will be visiting one of the Disney parks for Halloween, there is a lot of additional fun for families. Remember that the Halloween parties run long so always plan something low key the next day so kids can recoup from a long night of fun!


Disney Parks Pricing Changes


Just recently, Disneyland and Disney World rolled out new price changes for park tickets. The changes mainly effect 1-day ticket purchases and that really makes the biggest impact on Disneyland visitors. Most guests to the Disney World will stay for multiple days and purchase multiple day tickets. Multiple day tickets at both parks still offer the better discount as the price per day decreases with each additional day you add.

If you are visiting the Disneyland resort this year and plan to visit for one day, now there is a tiered pricing based on the day you visit. The choices are value, regular and peak. If your wondering when the busy times of year are, they are the “peak” price tier. Here is a graphic of the year of the 1-day ticket pricing tiers at Disneyland.


The greatest price breaks come with a 3-day park pass, but here is a quick rundown of multiple park passes at Disneyland:

2-day Adult (Ages 10+): $195/ticket
2-day Child (Ages 3-9): $183/ticket
Park Hopper will add $40/ticket

3-day Adult (Ages 10+): $255/ticket
3-day Child (Ages 3-9): $243/ticket
Park Hopper will add $40/ticket
Magic Morning Early Access with these passes

4-day Adult (Ages 10+): $280/ticket
4-day Child (Ages 3-9): $265/ticket
Park Hopper will add $40/ticket
Magic Morning Early Access with these passes

5-day Adult (Ages 10+): $295/ticket
5-day Child (Ages 3-9): $280/ticket
Park Hopper will add $40/ticket
Magic Morning Early Access with these passes

Disney World has new 1-day ticket tier pricing as well following the same style although their calendar has different peak and regular days, which shows that crowds are different in Orlando. Here are the 1-day ticket pricing tiers for Disney World:


At Disney World, multiple-day park passes are available up to 10-days but here are prices up to one week. The more days, the greater the per day discount (Magic Morning Early Access only available for resort guests):

2-day Adult (Ages 10+): $202/ticket
2-day Child (Ages 3-9): $190/ticket
Park Hopper will add $55/ticket
Adult tickets about $101 per day

3-day Adult (Ages 10+): $290/ticket
3-day Child (Ages 3-9): $272/ticket
Park Hopper will add $55/ticket
Adult tickets about $97 per day
4-day Adult (Ages 10+): $325/ticket
4-day Child (Ages 3-9): $305/ticket
Park Hopper will add $69/ticket
Adult tickets about $81 per day
5-day Adult (Ages 10+): $340/ticket
5-day Child (Ages 3-9): $320/ticket
Park Hopper will add $69/ticket
Adult tickets about $68 per day

6-day Adult (Ages 10+): $355/ticket
6-day Child (Ages 3-9): $335/ticket
Park Hopper will add $69/ticket
Adult tickets about $59 per day

7-day Adult (Ages 10+): $370/ticket
7-day Child (Ages 3-9): $350/ticket
Park Hopper will add $69/ticket
Adult tickets about $53 per day

So it pays to stay more days at the parks although other costs can add up! If you are planning to visit a Disney park for 1-day, remember to check the new tier pricing.

If you are hoping to buy Disneyland tickets for a reduced price, be leary of companies you find on the internet that offer savings as there are a lot of scams for Disneyland. Our friends at Get Away Today offer special deals for Disneyland tickets and are a local travel agent. We also recommend the site Undercover Tourist for both Disneyland and Disney World discount passes although they mainly have multiple day passes. As always, our friends at Destinations in Florida always have deals for Disney World!

Galactic Grill at Disneyland

Enjoy some fun new Star Wars themed dining at Disneyland at the Galactic Grill. The Grill is located in Tomorrowland near the Jedi Training stage and is serving up a specialty menu as part of the Season of the Force, a new themed experience celebrating the characters and moments from the Star Wars saga. this new dining location offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, and kids and parents will love the menu!


The Jedi-Ordered Grilled Sandwich (above) features five-spice chicken breast, fried green beans, pickled red onions, purple watercress and wasabi mayonnaise. So delicious!


The First Order Specialty Burger (above) gives guests a taste of the dark side, with an Angus beef and chorizo patty topped with fried cherry peppers and a spicy-lime aioli on a dark burger. Both the Jedi-Ordered Sandwich and First Order Burger can add a commemorate Hans Solo Carbonite Bucket for an additional cost.


This pizza creation is the Dark Side Chicken Curry Specialty Pizza. Lunch and dinner menu also includes a Chopper Salad and a Cheese- 3PO Burger.


This unique dish is part of the breakfast menu and it is the Darth Tamale. Other breakfast items include scrambled eggs, french toast and breakfast potatoes.


Star Wars dessert? How awesome is the chocolate Darth? That is the Darth by Chocolate that is red velvet cake and chocolate sponge. The Pastry Menace is an eclair filled with spicy chocolate and toasted almonds.

The Galactic Grill also offers kids meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kids meal breakfast includes scrambled eggs and bacon, or french toast. Lunch and dinner kids meals include a turkey sandwich, chicken nuggets, hamburger or power pack–all Star Wars themed of course!

Star Wars fans will love eating the new specialty meals at Galactic Grill!

DIY Disney: T-shirt Memory Wall

preschoolears: DIYDisney

We have a fun DIY Disney idea for you! With four kids visiting the Disney parks often, we have a lot of great Disney shirts from our trips as well as other shirts the kids have worn that bring back memories we love. I just couldn’t part with some of these shirts, and decided to turn my favorite kid shirts (most of them Disney) into a wall of art for my kid’s play area in our basement.


We have a step-by-step of how we put this together. While it was rather simple, it just took some time and planning. I have been setting shirts aside for a few years now since I couldn’t just give them away. But I measured out the wall and then determined how many shirts I wanted to hang. I used 21 shirts. We built wood 10×10 frames.


Wood was about 2 inches thick. We didn’t want it to stick too far from the wall but just enough to resemble a canvas.


We started with a favorite Disney shirt – this one was worn by both my girls and it was a favorite.


I then cut the shirt vertically up the back. This made one big piece of fabric.


I chose which part of the front design I wanted on the frame and I set the tshirt on the frame. I kept it pulled relatively tight but not stretching the fabric.


Next, I used a staple gun to staple the shirt around the frame. Staples go on the back side of the frame.


I made as neat of corners as I could – some shirts had more fabric than others.


Once it was all stapled, there was a lot of extra fabric in the center of the frame in the back.


I cut off all the extra fabric in the back. This way it would lay flat on the wall.



This is the back of the box without all the extra shirt fabric.


And this is what the box looks like on the front!


To hang them on the wall, we laid all the boxes out on the floor to figure out the best layout based on color and design. We cut pieces of paper that was 10×10 and taped it to the wall to make sure we had the boxes spread evenly.


We transferred our layout of the boxes on the wall. We used two nails in the wall on each top corner to hang the frames. And here is the finished wall!



I love getting to see this wall everyday because it brings back all kinds of great memories of when my kids were little and some of our Disney trips. And it adds great color on the wall!

New Disney Parks Security Policies


Disney Parks has issued new park security policies, for both Disney World and Disneyland. We have included a link below to the full policies on the Disney website, but what has really changed today is:

  • Toy weapons or objects that appear to be weapons, will not be allowed in the parks – this includes toy guns, toy blasters, squirt guns…The parks will no longer be selling toy guns
  • Metal detectors are set up and being used at bag check locations at the parks
  • Guests ages 14 and older may not wear costumes
  • Guests ages 14 and older may not wear masks, unless medically necessary. Younger guests can not wear masks that block peripheral vision

We would anticipate that these changes will slow down security checkpoints so if you are heading to parks, plan extra time for getting into the parks. The Disney World security policies are that same for Disneyland Park as well.

Disney World Park Rules and Regulations

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