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Our Comical WDW Family 5K

The WDW Family “Freezing” Run 5K of 2015

When we signed up for the Walt Disney World Marathon of 2015, we thought it would be so much fun for the kids to join the run fun with the Family Fun Run 5K. And in theory, this would have been true. For those that don’t know, the 5K runs through Epcot and they have fun characters out for pictures and greets. On paper, this sounds great, right?

First, our kids HATED getting up at a ridiculous time in the morning. Granted, this is not as early as runners for the other races. But seriously, waking our kids up to get on the monorail at 5:00 in the morning is horrible. Especially for our two youngest who were very, very upset they were awake. And they were already tired from the parks the day before.

Second, a freak cold freeze moved down in Florida that morning. And when I say cold, it was seriously freezing. And I know cold…I like in Colorado. Luckily, we had packed hats and gloves and sweatshirts for all the kids, but no amount of clothing is enough for standing outside in 15 degree wind chills. With all this in mind, we had a funny morning. And it is only funny because it was so bad that you just have to laugh.

Here is our first race picture – we are shivering. Yes people, this is Florida. And even though we are smiling (at least some of us) we are really cold.


Our two youngest hated the race. My youngest daughter never smiled the entire time.


Some of us were excited to see Marie! Pretty sad because my youngest daughter loves Marie, but she couldn’t fake a smile at all. Our youngest continued to be held and the moment he was set down, he cried.


While my oldest two ran quite a bit and it warmed them up, for my youngest daughter I had to just pull her along the whole way. I couldn’t get her to enjoy any of it.



I finally gave up on walking and just piggybacked her for a mile. It hurt my back and legs so much. But look – she actually smiled. Of course, because she was doing nothing.


We said “Lets take one more family picture before the finish!” We were faking the smiles, and our youngest just busted into complete cries.


Oh wait! This picture they are smiling and having fun! That’s because they can literally see the finish line in front of them. I actually got my youngest daughter to run the last tiny bit to the finish.


Literally, our youngest sobbed across the finish. He was miserable.


And then all of a sudden, they were so excited to have their medals! It was like they forgot how freezing they were. And our youngest, who was carried the ENTIRE race, told us his medal was for winning the race. Yeah, sure.


So basically, it was so bad, we had to just laugh and push on. Would I do it again? Not with my age kids. Would the race be freezing again? Probably not, but getting up that early was tough. They all say they want to do the 10K next. I hope they can find other parents to take them because it won’t be us!

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