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Staying Cool at Disneyland


One thing is for sure with Disneyland during the summer–it can be hot! All that California sunshine can really heat up the park and make for some tough, long days. But there are some fun and easy ways to stay cool on your next trip to Disneyland resort. Here are some of our ideas and tips for keeping your family from overheating and enjoying the happiest place on earth!

Cool Rides

These rides are filled with cool, refreshing air conditioning and will allow you to get out of the summer heat for a short time, while enjoying a fun attraction. These are great to plan for after lunchtime when the heat is the highest. The attractions with an inside queue (mostly) have a * after their name.



Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters*
Enchanted Tiki Room
Haunted Mansion
Peter Pan’s Flight
Pinocchio’s Daring Journey
it’s a small world (pictured)
Snow White’s Scary Adventures
Space Mountain*
Star Tours*

California Adventure


Animation Academy*
The Little Mermaid*
Monsters, Inc* (pictured)
Toy Story Midway Mania
Turtle Talk with Crush*
Tower of Terror*

Wet Attractions

These attractions/features will actually get you wet which could feel great when the temps hit the 90’s and above!


Splash Mountain (sit on the right side for more splashes) (pictured on left)
Grizzly River Rapids (expect to get wet on this one) (pictured on right)
Princess Dot Puddle Park (expect little ones to get pretty soaked here – bring a change of clothes)
Tomorrowland Water Ball Area (kids can interact with the “floating” granite ball)
Misters located at Redd Rocketts in Tomorrowland and “Cool Your Jets” Rocket next to Soarin’ Over California

Rides That Are Actually Hot

There are a couple attractions that are actually hot on the ride or in the queue, so you may want to avoid these if the outside temps are high.

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride – the ride has a section that is a pretend “hell” and it is hot
Indiana Jones Adventure – the fire inside really heats this one up
Autopia – almost the entire queue is in the sun and most of the driving is pretty hot too, especially the end
Tom Sawyer Island – in the heat, no one wants to run around a dusty island

Cool Theater Shows

Captain EO at Disneyland
Muppet Vision 3D at California Adventure
Aladdin the Musical at California Adventure
The Disneyland Story – Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at Disneyland

Treats to Cool You Off


There are lots of yummy treats at the Disneyland Resort to help you stay cool during high temperatures, and these are some of our favorites! Of course, ice cold water tops our list as the number one choice.

Dole Whip – located at the Tiki Juice Bar at the Enchanted Tiki Room, we love the original Dole Whip as well as the Dole Whip Float (pictured above)

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor – located on Main Street, you will find Dreyers ice cream selections that are delish!

Frozen Slushes – served at various locations and carts throughout the park, these are great for cooling off. Flavors may vary but are most likely lemonade, cherry, apple or blue raspberry.

Clarabelle’s Frozen Yogurt – located in Mickey’s ToonTown; select times


Clarabelle’s Ice Cream – located at California Adventure on Buena Vista Street, and there is plenty of air conditioned seating to sit and enjoy your treats

Fruit Smoothies at Schmoozies – located at California Adventure in Hollywood Land, they serve large juice smoothies but they have limited hours they are open

Paradise Pier Ice Cream Company – located at California Adventure on Paradise Pier

Soft-Serve Cones – served at the Cozy Cone in Cars Land at California Adventure, expect a wait for these fun treats

Ghirardelli’s Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop – located at California Adventure on the Pacific Wharf, they serve fantastic ice cream and treats

Other Ways to Beat the Heat


Here are some additional tips for beating the heat and keeping your little ones cool at Disneyland this summer:

Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water and make sure your kids do too. Bring your own water bottles to save some cash. Restaurants can give you a free cup of ice to fill up if needed. There are filling stations throughout the park to refill your cup or bottle: Plaza Inn, Rancho del Zocalo, and Mint Julep bar.

Bring Fans. Purchase inexpensive spray fans at Target or Walmart and bring them with you for your kids to mist themselves all day. Consider even adding ice to keep the water extra cold.


Fans found at Walmart

Go for a swim. Mid-day is a great time to head back to your hotel and take a dip in the pool.

Take breaks. If you can head back to your hotel after lunch, that is a great time to take a nap or rest indoors so you don’t overheat.

Block the sun. Consider having kids wear visors or ventilated sun hats to shade their faces from the sun. Also, make sure to cover up with sunblock and reapply mid-day. Sunshades for strollers are great as well as umbrellas.

Bring frozen fruit as snacks. Consider bringing some frozen fruit for a snack like grapes or oranges, that way the kids can nibble on it when it gets hot.

If you will be heading to the resort this summer, we hope you stay cool when the temps are high!

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Stay cool this summer!

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