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Disneyland Halloween Treats & Souvenirs

Since Halloween is tomorrow, this will be my last post on Halloween at Disneyland. And if you are thinking of spending your Halloween at the Disneyland Halloween Party, it is official sold out! But what a fun Halloween that would be at the park!

My post today is to share some of the special souvenirs and treats that are out only during Halloween time at Disneyland. There are many more than I could get a picture of, but these are some that we liked and purchased.

Here are some cute Mickey and Minnie plush dolls in their Halloween costumes. I love the Mickey pumpkins too!

I love these Mickey themed Halloween characters! This was a very cute ornament set.

I purchased this Trick or Treat sign for our house, and it has those cute Mickey Halloween characters.

These are soft sided trick-or-treat bags – we have one for each kiddo. The Mickey face glows in the dark and they hold a good amount of candy! The handle is also padded and soft which is nice for little hands.

We collect pins for our kids on each Disney trip and on this Halloween trip, I grabbed these Limited Edition Halloween pins with different characters. There was a Goofy as well I believe, but I only needed 4. These were also selling out fast in the parks!

Each Disney trip, I also buy a special Christmas tree ornament that reminds us of our vacation. When we decorate the trip, we reminisce as we take each ornament out of the box. This is our ornament from this trip, and even though it is Halloween, it will always remind us of our Halloween vacation at Disneyland!

This cute little ghost Mickey is actually a lantern that glows and it shines an image of Mickey from the bottom. The kids will take this with them on Halloween. I thought it was not only cute, but a fun thing to take Trick or Treating.

Besides souvenirs, Disneyland has special Halloween treats throughout the park that are offered only for a limited time. There were drink cups and desserts at certain restaurants. When we visited the Jolly Holiday Bakery and Cafe, we saw these fabulous Halloween cookies. We tried the Mickey bat cookie and it was delicious!

There were many more souvenirs and treats throughout the park, but these were our favorites. I hope everyone has a great Halloween tomorrow!


Disneyland Halloween Party

With Halloween quickly approaching, I thought I would share more Halloween pictures from Disneyland. As a follow-up to my post about Halloween Time at Disneyland, here are some pictures from Mickey’s Halloween Party. This is a special event that is in the evening after the park is closed. It does require additional tickets to attend which can be purchased through Disney. We purchased ours in advance on their website but you can buy them at the park that day, although events have been known to sell out.

At the Halloween Party, there are special decorations, events, performances and characters. Guests can also wear costumes and some people’s costumes look as real as the characters at the park! There are trick or treating spots throughout the park although there are lines to get candy. Disney provide trick or treat bags to each guest.

The party offers a special parade called Mickey’s Costume Party Cavalcade that my kids loved. There is also a fabulous Halloween fireworks show hosted by Jack Skellington and the special effects are awesome. Here is a glimpse of the Disneyland Halloween Parade.

This is the first parade I have ever seen Miss Piggy! One of the very special things about the Halloween party is that very unique characters are out for photo opts and greetings. And of course, some of them are in Halloween costumes, like Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald and Chip & Dale.

Another unique meet and greet is the Storm Troopers from Star Wars. They were fantastic!

While we didn’t get to see even half the amazing characters that were out in the park, we were set on getting to see the villains who were out all over Main Street. Some of the villains that were out that night were the Queen of Hearts (from Alice in Wonderland), the Evil Queen (from Snow White), Maleficent (from Sleeping Beauty), Jafar (from Aladdin), Cruella de Vil (from 101 Dalmations), ShadowMan (from The Princess & the Frog), Governor Ratcliffe (from Pocahontas) and Lady Tremaine & the Stepsisters (from Cinderella). My kids were actually a little scared to take photos with many of these, but our favorites were the stepsisters and stepmother. They were wonderful!

Mickey’s Halloween Party was a lot of fun but it was a long night for the kids. And since everyone wants to experience all the special happenings, there are lines for all the photo opts and trick or treating. The good news is that the lines for the rides (with the exception of the Holiday Haunted Mansion) are very short as most guests are enjoying all the Halloween fun. Our advice for doing a Halloween party with young kids is:

1. Have a relaxing day of the event so the kids are well rested before that night
2. Dress for comfort as the night is long (even my daughter’s Merida dresses were a bit much that night)
3. Bring your own glow-in-the-dark necklaces and bracelets for added fun
4. Have a priority list of photos you want to have and know that you can’t do it all
5. Save trick or treating until later in the night so lines are less, or just hit one spot so the kids can have a little treat
6. Don’t miss the parade and fireworks as they are great!
7. Most kids won’t stay up until the end (which is usually midnight)
8. Enter the park when party guests are allowed to enter (which is usually 2-3 hours before the actual party begins) – this way you avoid the crowds of people leaving and can start the party relaxed and not rushing
9. Make sure when you enter for the party you get your wristband!

Hope you enjoyed some of our pictures and our tips will help if you will be attending one of the last few upcoming Disneyland (or Disney World) Halloween Parties. Or keep these ideas in mind if you are thinking about it for next Halloween!

My next post will be about some of the Halloween souvenirs and merchandise at the parks!

Mickey Halloween Wreath

With all the wonderful Halloween decorations at Disneyland, I was inspired to create some Disney Halloween decorations for our house. We are having a Mickey inspired not-so-scary Halloween party for my daughter’s third grade class, so I made this Halloween wreath for our front door.

If you would like to make something like this for your house, here is how I made it. The supplies you will need are:

18-inch wire wreath frame
8-9 yards of fabric (total) in coordinating fabrics
Wood (to cut out Mickey head)
Orange and black paint
Ribbon for Mickey head + hot glue
Sharp scissors
Mickey head pattern (download in this post)

Start with cutting the fabric into strips that are 10-inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide.

I set my fabric in the pattern I would like to repeat to make it easy for myself. Next, start tying each strip to the wire wreath. Tie the strips in two knots.

This was my pattern that I repeated around each wire.

Here is the completed fabric wreath with all the ties. I actually had a little fabric left over and I filled in any spots I could find to make it as full as possible.

To make the Mickey head in the center, use the download template from this post and cut out the Mickey from wood. We used a thin piece of MDF.

After sanding around the edges, I painted it orange to match the orange in the fabric.

Using the Mickey pattern, I traced the face lightly onto the wood. An easy way to do this is to use a soft pencil (1H, 2H or 3H) and scribble the back of the lines you are going to trace. When you trace the face onto the wood, the lead on the back side will leave a light mark for you to follow.

After tracing, I painted the face with black paint. It may take a second coat to cover the orange. After it dried, I sprayed it with a light coat of polyurethane to protect it from rain and snow.

Here is the finished wreath, after hot glueing the ribbon to the back of the Mickey head and then tying the ribbon to the wire wreath. I added a touch of glue on the knot to make sure it didn’t move. I think my red door doesn’t do it justice because the colors are very Disney Halloween!

Here is the download if you would like the template for the Mickey head.

Preschoolears: Mickey Wreath Download

Happy Halloween!


Halloween Time at Disneyland

Our family recently visited Disneyland and enjoyed the park decorated for Halloween. Disney truly sprinkles its magic all around for this holiday, and it makes the park so festive. I would like to share with you some of the wonderful Halloween decorations throughout the park that we were able to enjoy. This is the entrance gates to Disneyland decorated with beautiful, large pumpkins.

Main Street is decked out with vibrant orange swags and fall colors.

All the pumpkins along Main Street are unique and hand carved.

I think the pumpkin on the far left looks a little like a Sully monster from Monsters Inc! Around the hub are pumpkins – one for each land at Disneyland. At night, they light up like jack-o-lanterns and it is lovely.

Here are all the Hub pumpkins.

The big highlight at Halloween Time at Disneyland is that the Haunted Mansion is “taken over” by Jack Skellington and his pals from Nightmare Before Christmas. The decorations are so well done and the ride is so fantastic, there is always a wait to ride this attraction. This was one of our favorites.

And in New Orleans Square, the French Market gets into the Halloween and Nightmare Before Christmas theme as well!

Our most favorite picture was getting to meet and pose with Jack Skellington and Sally. They are both only out for Meet and Greet at Halloween at Disneyland, so it is a rare treat. We are also big fans of the Tim Burton movie, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. And I will say that our kids were hesitant to meet them as they look a little scary, but the characters were very nice and talked quiet with the kids, and they quickly weren’t nervous at all.

If your wondering where Zero is (our kids asked Jack this question), you can find him inside the Haunted Mansion. The most fabulous thing inside the Haunted Mansion is the giant gingerbread house that is sitting on the dining room table in the banquet hall, where the ghosts are swirling all around. The smell of gingerbread is amazing!

I hope you enjoyed the glimpses of Halloween at Disneyland. My next post will have fabulous pictures from Mickey’s Halloween Party, which happens after the park closes. Happy Halloween!



Fall Snack Jars

Still collecting my thoughts and pictures from our trip to Disneyland, I thought I would share a quick post on a gift I made for my kid’s teachers. This is the second year I have made this and it is always fun to make and give away. I give each teacher a Fall Snack Jar with a yummy mix of salty and sweet snacks.

I found the glass jars at Target. I used my Cricut to cut vinyl letters in black that say ‘fall’ and I put them on one side of the jar. After cleaning out all the jars and drying them well, I was ready to make the snack mix. I like to use my really big wood bowl so that it is easy to stir.

My snack mix includes:

Honey-nut Cheerios
Caramal Popcorn
M&M’s (I used fall colored M&M’s)
Candy Corn

To fill my 5 jars, I used half a bag of pretzels, a full bag of popcorn, 1 large bag of candy corn, 1 1/2 bags of M&M’s and half a box of Cheez-its. I’m not sure how much Cheerios as we put ours in plastic cereal containers and I simply poured it in. Once the mix is gently stirred, I filled each jar to about the top.

I then made nice tags for each jar.

This year I decided to get a jar for our family only it is one size larger than these. Now I have the Fall Snack Mix for my kiddos to munch on as well. The kids enjoyed giving these to their teachers as gifts and the teachers enjoyed having a yummy snack to munch on. I just love fall!

Other Fall Gifts:

Iced Pumpkin Cookies gift

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